Strategies for betting on Blackjack

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In blackjack, it is not about how many hands you win or lose, but how much you bet to win or lose blackjack hands. You cannot avoid the fact that the game of blackjack was designed for the house or the casino to win. The key to playing blackjack is knowing when to bet big and when to place a small bet. Hopefully you will be able to bet big when there is more to win and you will make small bets in hands that involve losses in blackjack

Some blackjack players believe that if you learn to count cards while playing blackjack, you will know when to bet big and when to bet low.

They think that if the cards already dealt are counted and they do not lose sight of the number of small cards compared to the ten value cards played, they will come up with a number that will help them determine the number of higher cards by. compared to the number of lowest cards. The problem we find with this theory is that just for the next ten value cards, more than the ten worthless cards, does not mean that only the blackjack player could receive those ten value cards.

In general, you will find that if you make “flat bets” without varying your blackjack bet amount, you can and most likely lose over one hundred dollars per hour easily in a blackjack table of five dollars minimum. Fluctuations in your blackjack bet are the only sure way that you can win money to bring it straight home or to the bank. Some blackjack players bet exclusively on hunches. Some blackjack players bet on a progressive style, which means you bet a unit or chip after each blackjack hand you win. Some blackjack players like “parlay” in their bets, that is, if you win a five dollar blackjack hand, you increase your ten dollar blackjack bet,

Another style of betting is called “negative progression”.

Negative progression involves doubling your bet every time you lose a blackjack hand. If you start with a five dollar bet and win the hand you bet five dollars again, and if you bet five dollars and lose that blackjack hand then you bet ten dollars for the next one, if you lose that amount you bet twenty dollars for the next blackjack hand, once you have finally won a blackjack hand, you go back to the minimum bet of five dollars, only to get back what you have lost plus five dollars. This strategy is rarely used in casinos and for many good reasons. The problem with this strategy is that once you lose a few hands of blackjack, you’ve already reached the maximum bet and you can’t double your bet anymore.

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What if you lose a few blackjack hands in a series of rounds and then a $ 160 bet after losing only a blackjack handshake? What if you double your blackjack hand and lose? You must now wager € 640 to try to recoup your recent losses. What if in that six hundred and forty dollar bet, you get a pair of eights and you have to split, and then get another one and you have to split again, and then you get two cards for your eight? You would probably want to imagine that just to find the blackjack dealer flip a card from six to twenty-one now, you would have to pull out a calculator to find out how much you need to bet on each next blackjack hand, to cover the losses and make about five dollars.

There are only two blackjack betting strategies that I have seen players use in a game of blackjack. Some blackjack betting systems sometimes work, but rarely does one of them work all the time. Negative progression is the only blackjack betting strategy that makes more mathematical sense, but the more limits the blackjack tables have, the less likely it is to work well in the long run.

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