3 Tips to help you get out of the game at roulette!

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Knowing how these various strategies work is a great start, but it’s not everything. There are a number of factors that should be taken into account to optimize your chances of winning at roulette . Roulette is above all a game of chance, but you can limit the luck factor and make sure you bet with more serenity by applying a few simple rules. Here we describe five tips that will help you stay in control when playing roulette.

# 1 – take outside bets into account 

If you are more of a reasonable roulette player and want to prolong the fun of your gambling session, outside bets are for you. Their quality is to limit the risk of loss and to guarantee you better control of your budget. The odds of winning are quite high here, but the payouts themselves are lower. There are three types of so-called outside bets: 

Simple chances : It is advisable to bet either on a color (black or red), or on the lack (from 1 to 18) or the pass (from 19 to 36), or on an even or odd number.

the dozen : Here, the idea is to bet on a sequence of 12 numbers, namely the first 12 (1-12), the 12 in the middle (13-24), or the last 12 (25-36). 

If you win, your stake is doubled. on two dozen at a time is called a dozen on horseback. This type of bet covers 24 numbers and allows you to win 1.5 times your initial bet.

Columns : These bets consist of betting on a complete column of twelve numbers on the grid. If you win, the bet is doubled. Like the classic dozen, you can bet on two columns on horseback (24 numbers) for a stake multiplied by 1.5 in the event of a win.

# 2 – keep a steel mind when betting to win at roulette

Technically, in terms of mathematical probability, no number is supposed to win more often than the others. However, it should be remembered that each movement of the roulette wheel is independent and that it is quite possible for the ball to fall several times in a row on the same color or the same column for example. 

Avoid all forms of superstitions , charms and other beliefs in your roulette practice. 

It is perfectly impossible to predict the arrival of numbers and myths and other voodoo magic are in fact blessed bread for the casinos which fill their pockets with their most naive customers.

Acquiring a steel mind and betting everything on rationality will often allow you to come out richer from your roulette sessions.

The mind is indeed a primary aspect of roulette. In particular, it is a question of making sure not to lose morale: if you bet too large sums from your first attempts, you run the risk of reducing your budget very quickly and finding yourself discouraged from the start, which will jeopardize your subsequent sessions. 

A depressed mind is weak and at the mercy of the silliest mistakes. To avoid losing money on easily avoidable mistakes, it is extremely important to always keep in mind the possibility of failure and always take it into consideration. Never bet if you see that the possible failure on this bet could undermine your morale. Only bet if you are prepared to lose a bet without batting an eyelid. It’s a simple trick, but it’s proven and can save your savings! Remember, once again, that it is best to play at a serious and reliable online casino!

# 3 – take into account the house edge on roulette variants

Do you think you can triumph at roulette by applying a particular strategy, such as the Martingales? However, this is insufficient. The only winner, in the long term, is always the casino, which has the advantage of zero (and double zero on American roulettes). 

Nevertheless, it is possible to amass regular earnings by applying certain methods . It is better to know how to apply more than one and not always get stuck on a particular system. Flexibility is your ally in roulette.

Concentrate on games and casinos with the lowest house edge. 

The house advantage is the casino’s winning rate on a game compared to the players winning rate. In roulette, the house edge is always of critical importance because it is a constant. For European Roulette it is generally 2.70% while it is generally 5.20% for American Roulette.

As you will understand, the safest approach is to turn to the European variant, which is the most lucrative for the players. Avoid the American variant as much as possible and focus instead on French, English or European roulette. On these three variants, almost identical, sometimes applies the rule of imprisonment.

When putting in prison, in case of leaving zero, the player’s stake is placed aside (in “prison”). The next cost then decides the fate of the bet: if the ball falls on the color that was bet in the first turn by the player, the latter recovers his bet, without gain. Putting in prison gives an additional advantage to the casino, it is therefore to be avoided, prefer him to share the stake.

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